Daughter to organize her Mother’s baby shower? 16 year age difference!

by Danita


My daughter wanted to throw a baby shower for me. She is 16 and I have a son that is 13, he is our youngest. However, I am happily pregnant again for the 3rd time. My daughter is so excited and wanted to organize a baby shower for me, so she asked her aunts (my sisters) if they would help her out. She assigned them different things to be in charge of like drinks, decorations, food etc. She made up an invitation over the internet and included all of their names on it. Here’s the problem,..they are all offended at this and do not want their names on the invitations! And they don’t appreciate her asking them specifically what they can do to help etc. They feel that since she is really the one planning the event that they shouldn’t be on the invite. This is very distressing to me as I thought they would love to help out. What are your thoughts?

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