Baby shower hostess corsage

by Michele


I have a question….should the hostesses wear some sort of corsage or maybe even a button that says “Hostess” to distinguish who they are among everyone else?

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Baby shower hostess corsage

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Oct 04, 2008

My thoughts…

by: Sonya

I completely agree with Jessica. I think a corsage is a bit much, unless you’re having a very elegant theme, such as a “tea party” or “princess” theme.

I love the t-shirt idea. That’s very creative. You can also just give all your guests name tags (this will help the guests get to know each other), the the hostess’ name tag can have the word “hostess” under her name.

I do think the hostess should be identified in some way, but a corsage is not necessary.

Thanks for adding your question!

Oct 03, 2008

I’d say an “updated corsage”

by: Jessica at Wishpot.com

In my opinion, a corsage is old-fashioned and dated but I agree that the hostess should definitely be identified. Maybe a favor like a costume jewelry necklace could be given to each guest and her’s could be a different color? Or even better, if the budget allows, a t-shirt commemorating the shower could be designed somewhere like Cafepress.com and the hostess could add “hostess” on the left breast pocket area. You could also do hats or visors with the same idea: different color/or added text.

Or simply, once all the guests have arrived, the hostess could simply just introduce herself as such and officially welcome everyone while toasting the mom-to-be. That’s my personal favorite.

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