Free baby shower gift tag

a free baby shower gift tag

Baby shower gift tags add spark to a nicely wrapped or bagged present.
can always buy custom gift tags. But another great option is to save
yourself some money and make your own. I made these samples on my home
computer, without spending a dime.

Check them out…

Classic baby shower gift tag
Classic gift tag
Stork baby shower gift tag
Stork gift tag
balloon gift tag
Balloons gift tag
Pacifier gift tag
Pacifier gift tag
Pink pacifier gift tag
Pink pacifier gift tag
It's a boy gift tag
It’s a boy gift tag
Pacifier gift tag 2
Balloons gift tag 3
Pacifier gift tag 3
Pacifier gift tag 3
It's a boy gift tag
It’s a boy gift tag 2
It's a girl gift tag
It’s a girl gift tag

You can use these free baby shower gift tags for your personal
use. Here are the printing instructions:

  • Place your mouse over one of the tags, right click and
    select “save as”.
  • When your folder box pops up, save the image in any folder
    in “my pictures”.
  • Go to your “my pictures” folder, find the image and double
    click on it to open it.
  • Once it opens as a Word document, you can change the size
    of the tag if you wish.
  • When you are ready to print, use a heavy card stock or
    printing labels, and print as usual.

Note: If you want to print the pictures without
saving them to
your computer, just right click on it and selct “copy”. Then open a
blank document in MS word. Right click on the page and select “paste”.
Then you can print and simply close the document without saving.

*If you use regular printing paper (as opposed to labels), you will
have to cut the paper to make a tag.

*You can either tape or glue your tag to your gift.

*If your gift is in a bag, use a hole puncher to create one hole
on the left side of the tag. Then you can use a nice ribbon to tie your
tag to your bag.

If you want to make your own baby shower gift tag
from scratch, follow these instructions:

  • Open a blank document in MS Word.
  • Click on the “table” tab on your toolbar, and select 1
    column, 1 row.
  • Resize the table to a size of your liking.
  • Click on “insert” on the toolbar, then select “clipart”
  • Select whatever picture you want to appear on your tag, and
    double click on it. The picture will appear in the table.
  • Resize the image so that it fits inside the table.
  • Next to the image, insert a text box. On the toolbar, click
    on “insert”, then “text box”.
  • Resize the text box so that it fits inside of the table,
    and so that it is aligned next to the image.
  • Double click anywhere inside the text box in order for the
    cursor to appear. Then you can start typing your text (“to” and “from”

*If you want to change the font color so that it matches the image,
simply highlight the text, and click on the “font color” tab on your
toolbar and select the appropiate color.
*Once your baby shower gift tag is complete, you can save it if you
wish, and print it out.

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