Baby shower gift question

I live in the same house as my son’s girlfriend who is going to have his baby. I just found the shower is next week and I won’t be able to get anything due to the fact I only get paid once a month. I think it was very rude for them not to tell me (even though they say the did) so I was thinking about not going. I think it was rude and I would be embarassed not to bring a gift for my future grandchild. What do you think?

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Baby shower gift question

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Jan 28, 2009


by: Anonymous

Yes I agree but I didn’t go and everything turned out ok. I’m still not included be so be it maybe they should look at what they might be losing out on. I should have been the bigger person but like I said there is a lot more to this I just about support them now, they are not ready for a baby. And I do pray I’m wrong

Jan 21, 2009

My thoughts…

by: Sonya

This sounds like a tough situation, but I think you should be a good sport and go to the shower. Don’t worry about not having a gift, you can always get them something later on. Besides, since you are the grandmother, I’m assuming you’ll be helping with babysitting among other things. And in my opinion, this is one of the best gifts to give. Of course they will need things like diapers and clothes, but just having someone there to help out with a baby is a blessing!

So, don’t think about whether they told you or not, or about being embarrassed about not having a gift. Think about the fact that you are looking forward to your new grandchild. And let that be your inspiration for attending the party. Trust me, with this in mind, you are sure to have a good time. It always pays to be the bigger person.

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