Baby Shower Prizes

Shower Prizes

When its time for your games, using baby shower prizes is a
great way to get your guests pumped up for the activities. They should
be a little more extravagant than the favors, but you don’t have to
spend a lot of money for them. Unlike the favors, the game prizes do
not have to be associated with a baby shower. Try to find things that
could be used for everyday use.

Make sure you have enough baby shower prizes for all of your
games, and it’s a good idea to have a few extra, just in case you have
multiple winners for one game.

Some hostesses wrap there gifts before the shower starts. But
if you want to you use your prizes as a tactic to keep your guests
interested, show them what’s up for grabs before you start playing.

Here are a few suggestions for baby shower prizes. Some of
them are for women only, but there are also ideas for those you hosting
a coed shower.

Gift Cards
Gift cards are a great option because they can be a small denomination,
and they allow the guests to choose their own gift. You can get $5 or
$10 cards for coffee shops or department stores, or you can use Visa
and American Express cards.

Book of coupons

This is a great prize for women who love to shop. Buy the annual
Entertainment book or assemble some coupons from the newspaper.

Movies and CDs

Buy some oldies but goodies, or new movies that have just become
available on DVD. If you buy music CDs, get a various artists CD, or a
great soundtrack.

Purse or wallet

Women love purses, so this is another great prize that can be used
everyday. Lots of department and clothing stores sell fashionable and
inexpensive purses. You can also fill it with chocolates.

Manicure or pedicure set

Create a pampering set that includes a few bottles of nail polish, nail
file, clipper, etc. You can also include a small foot spa.


Buy an inexpensive piece of art in a nice frame, or anything else that
can be used as home décor. You can find lots of reasonably priced items
at stores like Target and TJ Maxx.

Recipe book

This is a great prize for both men and women who love to cook. You can
also include a set of cooking utensils or a nice saucepan.

Gift Baskets

You can either buy pre-prepared gift baskets or assemble your own, and
theme ideas for this game prize are limitless. You can use “movie
night”, “pamper yourself”, or “sweet tooth” to name a few. To create a
“movie night” gift basket, use a few packs of microwave popcorn, some
candy, and maybe a $5 gift card to Blockbuster. Assemble the items in a
basket, and wrap it with colorful paper.

Seasonal Prizes

An umbrella or fresh flowers with a vase are great gifts for a
springtime shower, and buy beach related gifts for a shower in the
summer. If your shower is in the fall, try a fall themed table runner
(not only is it seasonal, but it can used for home décor). And for a
shower in the winter, get a holiday seasoned gift, or a hat, scarf and
glove set.

Keep these tips in mind for your baby shower prizes:

*Make sure you wrap your gifts or use gift bags.
A great way to incorporate you prizes into your theme is to simply use
matching wrapping paper or bags. If you don’t want your gifts to be
wrapped, just tape a colorful bow to them.

*Try to award a different prize for each game.

Keep the guests interested and curious about what they could possibly
win. Be as diverse as possible with your prizes, even if you end up
with more than one winner for a particular game.

*Try to associate certain prizes with certain games.

For example, you may decide that the “don’t say Baby!” game is the game
to win. So save your largest/most expensive prize for that game.

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