Make your own diaper cake

make a baby shower diaper cake

You can purchase a pre-assembled diaper cake online, or you
can make your own.

If you want to give it a try, just
follow the easy instructions below. You will soon see that the
do-it-yourself method is easy, But some of us would prefer to rely on a
more professional touch. If you are looking to buy a pre-assembled
masterpiece, you can get cute diaper cakes here.

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Here are the DIY instructions: First, let’s make sure you have
all the “ingredients”.

  • 40 – 60 diapers, depending how big you want the cake to be.
  • 3 large ribbons
  • Plenty of smaller ribbons (optional)
  • Plenty of rubber bands in various sizes
  • Disposable cardboard platter
  • Adhesive tape
  • 1 or 2 baby bottles
  • 1 or 2 large bottles of baby lotion or baby body wash.
  • Other baby items of your choice – booties, socks, bibs,
    washcloths, onesies, plush toys, bottles, pacifiers, etc.

Let’s start with the bottom tier first.
Take one diaper and lay it flat on a table. On the end with the tabs,
fold them inward so they don’t stick out. With one hand on the side
with the tabs, and your other hand holding the other side, start
rolling the diaper inward until the two sides touch. Tie a rubber band
horizontally around the diaper to hold it in place.

Roll and tie about five more diapers the same way, then
surround them with the first one, all standing up. You will then need a
larger rubber band to tie around all those diapers.

Continue this pattern until the bottom tier of the diaper cake
is as wide as you want it to be. Usually, the bottom tier consists of 1
diaper in the center, and 3 rings of diapers around that. Make sure you
tie a large rubber band around each complete ring.

Next, remove the diaper in the center, and replace it with a
large baby bottle or lotion (You can start with your item instead of a
diaper in the middle if you want. But you will have more stability if
you start with a diaper and replace it later). If you’re using a
bottle, you can fill it with candies.

Hide some small items like pacifiers and teethers in between
the diapers. Gently place them and be careful not to tear anything. You
can also replace other diapers in addition to the middle one. But do
not replace any diapers in the outer rings, so as to keep the gifts

Last step, take a large ribbon and wrap it around the entire
tier, making sure you cover the rubber band. Make sure the ribbon is
snug, and tape the ends together. Double-sided tape is best for this
step. In a few places, tape the inside of the ribbon to the diapers for
extra security.

As an option, you can take your smaller ribbons and tie each
diaper of the outer ring individually. If you do, tie the ribbons in a
bow and place them close to the top of the diapers, facing outward.
Make sure the larger ribbon is placed below the smaller ones so the
bows can be seen.

Now for the middle and top tiers…

For both of these layers, you will basically do the same thing you did
for the bottom one, but the width will obviously be smaller. If you
assembled 4 rings of diapers around the center diaper for the bottom,
use only 3 rings around the center for the middle layer, and then 2
rings for the top. Again, after you’ve assemble the entire ring, you
can replace the center diapers with lotions or baby bottles, and stick
other small gifts in various places. Please note that if you choose to
replace the center diaper on the top tier with a bottle, it will stick
out. So leave this diaper in place if you want to top the cake with
something else.

Now, put the pieces together…

Take your bottom layer and tape it to your cardboard platter. Then use
more tape to attach the middle tier to the bottom one, and then repeat
to attach the top and middle tiers.

Lightly push the cake in several places to make sure that the
slightest touch will not make it fall. If the cake can easily fall,
check your hidden gifts. Make sure they are tucked in deep enough so
that the layers can lay flat on top of each other. Also make sure you
have enough tape. If your cake is assembled securely, let’s move on to
the next step.

Decorate your diaper cake.

You should have already tied all of your tiers with a wide ribbon, so
now you can add small accents all around the cake. This is where you
will let your imagination run wild. Here are some suggestions for
adding accents to your diaper cake.

*Stuff baby bibs in the diapers and let them drape along the

*Carefully tape or pin small plush toys, a comb and brush, a
pair or booties, or other baby items in various places on the outer

*Tie your ribbons vertically on the cake. To do this, just
place your ribbon under the platter and along the sides of the cake.
Then, tie the ribbon in a large bow at the top, or cut and securely tie
it in a small knot.

*Add a topping to your diaper cake. You can use a bow that
matches your ribbon, a plush toy, or anything you’d like. If you are
going to tie your ribbons vertically, make sure your knot is not
showing under the topping.

*Add a cascade of flowers or some other item on one side of
the cake. For best results, make sure the ends of all your large
ribbons are placed directly under each other. Use your cascade to cover
the ends for a nice clean finish.
After you’ve finished decorating, test your cake again to make sure
that none of the accents can easily fall. Now, your diaper cake is
complete! The mom-to-be is going to love it!

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