Ask guests to bring food to the baby shower?

We are having a lot of people at the shower, around 50 people, and I don’t have the time or money to feed everyone. Would it be tacky for me to ask the guests to bring something?

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Ask guests to bring food to the baby shower?

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Jul 23, 2008

I think this is okay

by: Sonya

I think it’s perfectly fine to ask your guests to bring a dish to the shower, especially since most of your guests will be family and close friends. They should not mind helping out.

50 people is a lot, and it is understandable if you cannot afford that much food. If you feel uncomfortable asking your guests to help out, just ask the closest relatives or the mom’s best friend(s).

To cut back on the cost of food, buy inexpensive stuff like chips and dip or pretzels for appetizers. For the main dish, serve sandwiches and salads. You can buy some deli meats, bread, mayo and mustard at low cost from your grocer. And make a huge salad instead of buying the bagged ones. For dessert, use the baby shower cake if you plan to have one. Or buy large cartons of ice cream and maybe some fudge sauce. All these items are pretty cheap and can feed lots of people.

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