Tea Party Baby Shower for the elegant mom-to-be

an Elegant Tea Party Baby Shower


A tea party baby shower is usually a bit elegant, so you want to focus
flowers and lace for this theme. Use teapot or teacup shaped
invitations, or regular-shaped paper with an outline of flowers, lace
and teacups.

Decorations If the baby shower is for a
girl, use pink, white and silver for your colors, and use blue instead
of pink for a boy. These decorating ideas are for a baby girl.

Head Table:
– A white laced tablecloth with pink tableware .

-A little teacup candle in front of each plate.

-White and silver bows on the back of each chair.

-Silver baby shower confetti scattered on the table.

Guest tables:
-Pink tablecloths with white tableware.

-White and silver centerpiece.

-Silver confetti scattered on the table.

Small accents:
-Instead of using streamers, use a string of white synthetic flowers
for the ceilings, windows and doors.

-A white baby shower banner on one of the walls.

Guest of honor chair:
– Attach white and silver synthetic flowers on the back and arms of the
-Throw some synthetic flower petals on floor, surrounding the chair.

Buffet table:
-White lace tablecloth.
-Silver utensils with white ribbons tied on the ends.

-Also prepare a tea stand next to the buffet table. Offer a few
different tea flavors, with fresh cut lemons, sugar cubes, sugar
substitutes, and milk.


-White flower bouquet in a teapot.

–White flower bouquet in a clear vase with a silver bow.

-White and silver flower shaped floating candles in a clear bowl with

Diaper cake

Use a silver ribbon around each tier, and a cascade of white flowers
along one side. Top the cake with a big white and silver bow. Use
pieces of toy teatime set, as well as white baby items for the gifts.

Edible cake

An elegant sheet cake with pink and white icing, and your choice of a
baby inscription.


-Personalized tea bags are the perfect favor for this theme.
-Large pink and white mesh bags filled with different kinds of teas.

-Little teaspoons with pink, white and/or silver ribbons tied at the

Tea party baby shower gifts

-A complete teatime toy set.

-A teatime gift basket for mom, filled with a teapot, teacup and
different kinds of teas.

Thank you cards

Use white paper with a fancy script. Attach pink and silver bows.

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