Rubber ducky baby shower ideas.

Ducky Baby Shower Planning Ideas


Use White paper with a rubber ducky baby shower graphic for the
background. Start the invitation with something like “Quack, Quack,
there’s a little ducky on the way!”

Head Table:
– Yellow, orange and white would be great for this theme. You can
either use a tablecloth with little ducks on it, or a plain white
tablecloth with yellow and orange tableware, used interchangeably at
each seat.

-A little rubber ducky shaped candle in front of each plate.

-Yellow and/or orange baby shower confetti.

Guest tables:
-Make every other table all yellow, and the other tables all orange. Or
you can use a white tablecloth for all the tables and use yellow
tableware for some, and orange tableware for others.

-You have a few options for the guest table centerpieces. If you choose
to make the tables all yellow and orange, then use a yellow and white
centerpiece for the orange tables, and an orange and white one for the
yellow tables. If you are using white tablecloths, use an orange,
yellow and white centerpiece for each one. You can find some ideas
under the “centerpiece” section a little further down.

-Orange, yellow, and white confetti scattered on the tables.

Small accents:
-Orange, yellow, and white balloons and streamers. Streamers in the
shape of little ducks would be great.

-A rubber ducky baby shower banner.

-Buy 1 medium or large sized duck plush toy, and about 3 small ones,
and line them up as if the baby ducks are following the mommy duck. Put
the plush toys in one corner of the room, but make sure it’s out far
enough for everyone to see.

Guest of honor chair:
– Yellow, orange and white bows and balloons attached to the back and
arms of the chair.

Buffet table:
-White tablecloth with an orange or yellow table runner. Place the
runners from back to front so they can be seen. You can use a yellow
runner in the middle of the table, and two orange ones on each side.

-White or Silver serving utensils with yellow and orange bows tied at
the ends.

-Yellow and orange confetti scattered on the front and sides of the


-Large rubber ducky plush toy holding a baby ducky.

–2 or 3 baby ducky plush toys wearing diapers.

-Ducky shaped floating candles in a clear bowl with water.

Diaper cake

Yellow and orange ribbon around each tier, interchangeably. Top the
cake with a ducky plush toy, and use rubber ducky bath items for the

Edible cake

A sheet cake with yellow and orange icing. Add 3 or 4 ducky shaped
candles in one of the corners.


-Duck shaped baby candles or soaps.
-Small plush toys with a personalized ribbon.

-Yellow and orange mesh bags filled with chocolate candies in silver
wrapping paper. Add a white personalized ribbon to the bags.

Rubber ducky baby shower gifts

-Rubber ducky security blanket.

-Rubber ducky bathing set (yellow and/or orange robe, washcloth and
towel, comb and brush, and a rubber ducky toy.)

Thank you cards

Yellow duck shaped paper with dark orange writing. Attach a small white

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