If there was a miscarriage, can I ask for my gift back?

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Mar 12, 2012

don’t be an indian giver

by: Anonymous

I know the term is offensive, but since the question isnt in very good taste i went there. you should never ask for a “gift” back. the only time someone should give an item back to the person is if they broke an agreement, like returning an engagement ring after breaking it off. but, that can be considered a contractual obligation to get married. so unless you are talking about a surrogate situation, no… don’t ask for the “gift” back. Really it’s kinda grade school stuff.

Mar 11, 2012


by: Anonymous

I knew there were some really oblivious and inconsiderate people out there, but this is just ridiculous. I hope for the sake of humanity that this person is joking. But just in case…

How about you put yourself in her position? Your loss of whatever you paid for the gift is NOTHING in comparison to hers. Based on your question and the type of person you sound like, this will probably be near impossible for you, but try thinking of someone other than yourself.

Feb 11, 2012


by: Anonymous

Hell no you dont ask to pregnant person that! If I ever think that before you give it to her just tell her you will get her a gift after the baby is born

Feb 08, 2012


by: Anonymous

I think it’s safe to say that if you bought them a gift then it’s a family member, friend, co worker, etc. I also think that it’s safe to say it was far enough along to be throwing a shower (generally 3rd trimester) and that’s why you bought the gift in the first place. So why in the world would you ask a family member or friend who lost their baby late in their pregnancy if you can have the gift back? They’re hurting and you sound horribly insensitive by suggesting that the money you spent on the gift is more important than their pain. Take a moment to stop and think of how this is effecting someone other than yourself.

Feb 07, 2012


by: Anonymous

No, the mother might get pregnant again. The gift won’t go bad.

Jan 30, 2012

please say you are kidding!

by: roz

if your not kidding then i don’t think you should buy them a gift because you never know if they will suffer that awful tragedy and then have to deal with your gift on top of that.

Jan 26, 2012

Asking for gift back after miscarriage?

by: Anonymous

You are kidding, right???

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