The mardi gras baby shower theme

Gras baby shower theme ideas

Use the Mardi Gras baby shower theme to add some flare and
southern hospitality to your party. The standard mardi gras colors are
purple, green and gold. So, for a baby shower, you can use those same
colors as-is, or use pastels. As soft lavender, mint green and pastel
yellow will compliment each other nicely for both boys and girls.

mardi gras baby shower theme


Use gold or pastel yellow paper, and accent your decorations with the
other 2 colors. Black wording will probably be best as it will show up
nicely on the bright paper.

Mardi gras baby
shower decorations:

Head Table: 
-Gold or pastel yellow tablecloth. 
-For the tableware, use dark purple and green if you are using a gold
tablecloth, or lavender and mint green if you are using the pastel
color scheme.
-Large Mardi Gras mask.
-Pastel colored baby shower or Mardi Gras confetti or strands of beads.

Guest tables:
-Use various colors at each table. For example, a mint green tablecloth
with alternating lavender and yellow tableware. Try to use a different
colored tablecloth at each table to add variety throughout the room.
You can also try making each table one color, but contrasting it with
bold colors and pastels. For example, use a lavender tablecloth with
dark purple tableware for one table.

-Matching streamers, balloons, and other mardi gras decor. 

Guest of honor chair:
– Tape a bunch of feathered masks to the back and arms of the chair, or
use matching colored balloons, streamers and beads to decorate the

Buffet table:
-Use a tablecloth to match the head table, or a multi-colored
tablecloth that matches all the colors in the room.
-Clear serving utensils with purple, green and gold (or the pastels)
ribbon tied on the ends.


-Small mardi gras masks.
–Clear bowls filled with mardi gras beads.
-Plush teddy bears or dolls with mardi gras masks on the face.

Diaper cake

Use a different colored strand of mardi gras beads around each tier.
Attach purple, green and gold (or pastels) baby items around the cake.
Top the cake with a cute mask.

Edible cake

A 3-D cake in the shape of a mardi gras mask, or a sheet cake decorated
with the mardi gras colors.


-Mardi Gras masks on sticks with a personalized ribbon.
-Chocolates wrapped in mardi gras colored foil.

-3 strands of mardi gras bead (one in each color) wrapped with a
personalized ribbon.

Mardi Gras Baby Shower Gifts

– Lavender, mint green or yellow baby clothes, sheet set, or fleece
blanket.,br>-Mardi Gras keepsake box for the parents.

Thank you cards

Use cards similar to your invites. Include pictures of the parents
and/or baby with a mardi gras backdrop.

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