Distance baby showers

by susan


We live in Ohio and my son and his family live in Florida. I would like to give them a baby shower but they cannot be here. what do you suggest?


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Distance baby showers

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Oct 28, 2008

Here are my suggestions

by: Sonya

Hi Susan,

I need a little more information about your situation. Where does the rest of the family live? Is it just them in Florida? Do they have a lot of friends where they are? I am asking because if everyone that you want to invite lives where they live, then I think the easiest option would be for you to take a trip to Florida to host the shower.

But, if their friends and other family members are scattered around in different cities, then you may have to have a “virtual baby shower”, which could be a little more difficult to put together. For a virtual shower, you would ask all the guests to send you a short recording of them congratulating the new parents, or they could send cards and gifts. Once you receive everything, you would just send it to them as a “baby shower on tape”.

Another option is to have a baby shower as if the parents were there, and record everything. Record the decorations, guests eating and having fun, and opening of the gifts. And make sure you get everyone on camera congratulating them. Then, after the shower, you would pack one piece of absolutely everything from the shower and mail it to them. Pack some of the decorations, the food (if possible), party favors, greeting cards, recording of the party, and the gifts of course. This is the most common form of a long distance shower.

Your final option is to have a celebration after the baby is born, which may make it a little easier for them to travel. Most people like to have the shower before the baby comes, but that tradition is not set in stone. There is nothing wrong with waiting until the baby is a couple month old to celebrate his/her birth. If you decide to use this option, the only difference would be that the new baby will be at the party!

I hope this has helped you out, and I would love to hear what you decided to do. Thanks for submitting your question.

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