Diaper changing game

by Lynne

(Blue Ridge, Ga)

Diaper Changing Game

Have enough dolls for everyone at the shower (this is extremely fun when it is a co-ed shower). You blind fold everybody and set a timer (usually for a minute or two) and have them try to put a diaper on the doll. This seems very easy but you would be surprised at how hard it is. The men especially have a difficult time with this task.

When everyone is done or the timer goes off you see how hilarious this game actually is. Whoever has put the diaper on the best receives a prize. A variation of this game is to use cloth diapers which will require pins instead of diapers with fasteners. It makes it harder because not only do you have to fold the diaper and get it on the baby in the right spot you have to pin it. If the pin goes through the doll you are automatically disqualified.

This is a great game to get a whole group to participate in because it can become very competitive. At the end of the shower, when all games have been played, we usually give all the gifts we have won to the “New Mom”. She is not expecting this so it makes a great surprise.

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