Baby shower gift for mom

Get a baby shower gift for mom

What about a baby shower gift
for mom?  Most of us focus on the baby when we pick out our
gift.  This is fine but, don’t forget about the mom – she’s
important too.  My favorite gift ideas for mom are ones that
will help her relax, like slippers or a gift certificate to a spa.

Tips for picking out a gift for the new mom:

*Think about how tired her feet are after coming home from work from
running errands.  Slippers are a very popular choice, but make
sure you get the right kind.  They have to be plush and comfy.
 Make sure they're not the kind of slippers that will wear
*Get creative with your gift.  Why not give her babysitting
vouchers that she can use whenever.  This gift idea is
different and thoughtful.

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