Cute Baby Shower favors that your guests will love

Shower Favors for your guests

Cute and creative baby shower favors are the best way to say
“thank you” to your guests. Party favors can be almost anything from a
simple candy bar or decorated cookie, or something elaborate like
personalized porcelain or silver.

Your baby shower favors will depend greatly on your
budget is and how many guests you are having. If you’re having 20+
people, then you may want stick with the inexpensive selections.

Believe it or not, you can find a good variety of favors at
many dollar stores. They carry tons baby figurines and candles in lots
of colors.

If you cannot find favors that you like at the dollar store,
shop around online and at a few department stores. You will save
yourself some money if you shop around and compare prices.

Here’s a list of
baby shower favors

that are both fun and affordable. You can find some of
these items at
any dollar or department store, and some of them can be handmade.

Baby shower candle favor

Baby candles come in all shapes – baby blocks, teddy bears, cribs and
carriages, and more. You can also use standard household candles and
deck them with a colored ribbon or bow to match your theme.

Personalized candle tins

Buy small silver tins with labels that have the guest of honor and date
of the shower on it. Use pink or blue candles, or a color that matches
your theme.


Buy some small baby bottles or mesh bags and fill them with chocolate
or hard candies (use the colors in your theme for a great personal
touch), or give out boxed candy with a ribbon or bow.

You can also use the baby shower candy wrapper favor. There
are plenty of online suppliers that sell personalized wrappers for
chocolate bars. They usually include the baby’s name (if known),
parents’ name, date of the shower, and maybe baby shower wording or

Homemade cookies and brownies

Who doesn’t love baked goods? Bake a batch of cookies or brownies and
wrap them individually. Tie them with a personalized ribbon or label.
The guests may eat the favor as soon as they get home, but they will
certainly remember it for a long time to come.

Bath & Body Products
Women love lotions, body wash and body spray. You can purchase them
individually or as gift sets. If you’re having a coed party, make sure
some other favors just for them.

Picture Frames
Picture frames are always good baby shower favor ideas because they are
affordable, and everybody uses them. Depending on the size of the
frame, you can put a baby shower poem in it, or tell them that they
will be receiving a picture of the baby for the frame.

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Individually wrap tea bags, packs of coffee or hot chocolate, and tie
them with a colored or personalized ribbon. This is a great favor for a
baby shower in the heart of winter, but can be used all year round.

Novelty Soaps

Flower shaped soaps will go great with any theme. Buy a variety of
colors and sizes, or just one or two colors to match your decorations.

Flowers and plants

This is another great favor that everyone uses, especially women. You
can buy colored flowers to match your theme, or a colorful flower pot
if you want to give plants. Another great idea is to give packs of
flower seeds so the guests can plant them in the spring.

Bottle of bubbles

Adults get a kick out of blowing bubbles too. You can buy some
personalized labels for the bottles, or wrap a colorful ribbon around

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are great because they let the guests pick their own
gifts. Instead of buying $10 or $20 cards for everyone, a small $1 gift
certificate to a coffee shop will be just fine.

Gift baskets

Assemble small baskets, filled with fruits, candies and nuts, tea,
coffee beans, pampering items, etc.

Make-up kit

A small make-up bag filled with lipsticks, eye shadow, nail polish and
blush. You can also put the items in mesh bags that match the color of
your theme.

Looking for more ideas? Shop
for cute party favors here.

Flower Pot Pen Baby Shower Favors

Giant Cookie Favor in Gift Box


Keep these tips in mind when searching for baby
shower favors:

*Make them personable.
If you’re using a common household item, such as a plant or picture
frame, add a colorful ribbon or bow. This will help tie in the favor
with the theme and purpose of the party.

*Keep the men in mind.
If you’re having a coed shower, make sure you have appropiate baby
shower favors for them. Stay away from make-up kits and body lotions.
Men love food, so they will love homemade baked goods.

*Save yourself some money.
It’s perfectly fine to buy porcelain or silver items, but it’s not
necessary to rely on pricy baby shower favor ideas. Your guests will
have more
appreciation for something they get a lot of use from.

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