Asking for more baby shower gifts

by Mrs.Smith


My husband and I are going through rough financial times, but decided to have our baby. We still need important items for the baby that we didn’t receive from our baby shower.

For the people who couldn’t make the baby shower, do you send an invitation to send gifts once the baby arrives?

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Asking for more baby shower gifts

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Feb 03, 2012

Your Kidding Right?

by: Anonymous

You have to be kidding. You absolutely should not ask for more gifts, even if it is from people who could not attend your shower. A shower is to celebrate a new baby not for parents-to-be to get free things. When you have a shower you should not expect a gift,a gift is a kind gesture from those who are giving them to you. It is proper ettiquette and polite to be gracious for what you have recieved not upset about what you did not recieve, yes it is nice to recieve the gifts, but there is no excuse to ask for more.

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