About me – why I started this baby shower website


Baby shower planner

Hi, my name is Sonya and this page is all about me. I am a baby fanatic
from Philadelphia, PA, and the proud author of best
baby shower planning guide

I come from a huge family that’s filled with lots of cute
babies and children. Just to give you an idea, my mother’s parents had
11 children! So, needless to say, I’ve attended tons of baby showers
for my aunts and cousins.

Baby showers are fun for me because they
not only celebrate new life, but they give our family a reason to get
together and create memories. What could be better than enjoying great
food, games and gifts with the ones you love?

And that’s why I decided to create this site. I wanted to give
inspiration to anyone who’s going to be a hostess, guest, or even a
guest of honor at a baby shower. I have complied tons of unique and
affordable ideas for everything from decorations to the food. And I
hope you will enjoy browsing through this site as much as I have
enjoyed creating it.

And, of course, I am always looking for better ways to help
you with your baby shower planning. So if you have
a question or suggestions for other party planners, you
can visit the Q & A Forum

My plans for the future…

Well, before I get to that, let me go back into time, just a
little. Before I created this site, I used to have a blog about
employment. Its purpose was to not only help my readers land their
dream job, but to also start generating revenue by using the Google
Adsense program.

I chose the employment topic because I used to work in the
Human Resources field, and people are always on the net looking for
career information. So I figured since I’ve been in this field for a
few years, I had more than enough knowledge to help people. But,
shortly after starting the blog, I realized my heart just was not into
what I was writing.

I knew what I was writing about because of the experience I
gained over the years, but I had to face the facts – I know a lot about
stuff simply because I had to in order to pay the bills. But my
dream is to one day be able to pay the bills by being my own boss.

I began looking into how other webmasters used Google Adsense
to make money, and quickly I learned that you first need a great, well
polished website with lots of fresh content.

During my search, I came across what is now the backbone of my
website, a company called Site Build It! (also know
as SBI!). SBI! is the only webhosting service that gives you a
step-by-step guide to teach you how to create a profitable website.
They give you tips for writing content, getting valuable link
exchanges, and they’ll even show you how to choose a profitable niche.

I’ll admit, despite the many pages of detailed information on their
website, I initially thought it was too good to be true. But lots of
great websites that rank in the top 1% are living proof that SBI! is as
real as it gets.

So, what does the future have in store for this site?

Nothing but great things thanks to SBI! As of July 2010, this site is 3
years old, and I couldn’t be happier about its success.  My
traffic and profits are steadily increasing.  A lot of my
pages rank in the top 10 on the Google and Yahoo search engines.
 And some of my pages are even ranked at number 1!

And the funny thing is, I had absolutely no website building
experience just 3 years ago.  So, if I can have this kind of
success with a web business, anyone can.  Take a look at this
SBIer’s success story.  Her story is just one of the many
successes within the Site Build It! community: