What should I do?

by bewildered


My husband & I gave birth to a beautiful little boy in April, 2005 despite infertility problems and had been trying again for 5 years to have a little brother or sister for him. We finally gave most of our baby items away because I hated the thought of them dry-rotting in the attic and a few months later found out to our surprise that we’re expecting! We’re due in 8 weeks with another baby boy!

My in-laws asked me if I were doing anything on September 18th and I told them no. So they told me to keep the date open because they are going to give me a baby shower! I’m very excited! My family has not even mentioned a baby shower so I’m very grateful that they are willing to host one for me but, they have not consulted me at all about planning it. I got the invite for my shower in the mail today and found out the location & time, but I have no clue who they have invited. There have been several people at church to ask me if I were having a shower & that they wanted to give me one but I told them that my in-laws were throwing me one on the 18th. I thought that they were going to throw my shower at the church hall like they usually do for other showers they have given but according to the invite it’s at my mother-in-laws home so I understand that it has to be small. I don’t want to offend people by not inviting them and I’m too embarrassed to ask those who said that they wanted to give me a shower to do so after I have already told them I’m having one. I don’t want to be mom-zilla. What should I do or should I just keep quiet?

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