What did the baby eat game

by Teresa


What did the Baby Eat??
At the last baby shower I attended they played an interesting game, which involves diapers and baby food. The host took 5 “clean” diapers and spread a different flavor of baby food on the inside of each diaper. If there is a large group of people, I would recommend doing a few of each kind so it doesn’t take so much time. Of course this looks pretty gross but it makes the game pretty funny. The diapers are then passed around and each person had to smell the baby food and write down what flavor of baby food was in the diaper. The game created lots of laughs!
I have also seen the game played where the baby food is placed in small bowls and labeled #1, #2, #3 etc. Each participant is given a plastic baby spoon and is able to either smell or taste test the food to guess each flavor of baby food. This could be used if the idea of a “dirty†diaper is hard for anyone to handle. To me sampling the food is much harder on the stomach than sniffing the dirty diaper.
I have played this game both ways and each one guarantees many laughs and some interesting guesses from the participants who do not have kids!!

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