Sugar and spice, and everything nice baby shower ideas.

and Spice Baby Shower Ideas

The sugar and spice baby shower celebrates everything that
little girls
are made of. This is the perfect theme to celebrate a new baby girl.

Use pastel yellow paper and a darker pink or purple color for the
writing. Start the invites with “Sugar and spice, and everything
nice…that’s what little girls are made of!”

There is not set color scheme for this kind of baby shower, but light
shades of pink, lavender, yellow and green will work best. These ideas
will incorporate all these colors.

Head Table
-A pastel pink tablecloth.
-Pink tableware.
-Small clear bowls filled with dainty mints (you can find them at any
market or drug store).
-Lavender, yellow and green baby shower confetti.

-Fill a large or medium sized candle votive or jar with sugar and tie a
pink ribbon around it.

Guest tables
-Use a different color tablecloth for each table.
-Use pink, lavender, yellow and green tableware at each table,
regardless of the tablecloth color.

-Pastel colored baby shower confetti.

-Use small or medium sized jars, fill some with white/brown sugar, some
with cinnamon, and some with other spices of your choice. You can also
use a combination of sugar and spice. Tie a pastel colored ribbon
around the jars.

–Clear bowl filled with pastel colored floating candles.

Small accents
-2 balloon bouquets, using pink, lavender, yellow and green.
-Streamers and a pink baby shower banner.

Guest of honor chair

-Tie pastel colored ribbons along the top and arms of the chair.

Buffet table
-Pink tablecloth with pastel colored baby shower confetti.
-Pastel colored ribbons tied around the serving utensils.

Diaper cake
Use a different colored pastel colored ribbon around each tier, or a
cascade of pastel colored flowers along one side. Top the cake with a
pink plush toy, and use different colored baby items to accent the

Edible cake
A sheet cake that says “sugar & spice and everything nice”.
Accent the cake with pastel colored sprinkles.

-Small bags of sugar with a pink ribbon around it. You can also attach
a sugar cookie recipe to the bag.
-Pink mesh bags filled with pastel colored dainty mints.

Gift Ideas
-Pink fleece blanket or sheet set.
-Pastel colored keepsake box.

Thank you cards
Use white paper accented with pastel colored graphics.

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