Registry or chosen gift

by Jessica


If a couple has a registry, am I required to shop for a shower gift from it? I have recently had a baby, and I’d like to give some things that I found useful when I was a new Mom. However, my husband thinks it would be better to pick a gift the couple wants… What is the better course of action?

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Registry or chosen gift

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Jun 17, 2008

Choosing a baby shower gift

by: Sonya

This is a very common question. The parents take time to make a gift registry for a reason-they are telling everyone what the need for the new baby. This is why I think it is more beneficial for the parents if you stick with their registry. But, if you already have things that you think would make a great gift, it is okay to use that as well. New parents are greatful for anything they get because babies need so much stuff.

You can always give her the stuff you already have in addition to buying something from the registry. Just buy a small, inexpensive item since you already have other things to give.

Just make sure that if you use the registry that you have the cashier scan the item or purchase it from the registry online. So many people print out a registry, purchase something from the list, but never actually scan it. If you don’t have the items scanned, no one will know that the item was already purchased.

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