Red, black and silver baby shower theme or ideas

by Melissa


I would like a red black and silver baby shower. I’m tired of the same decorations i want something different. What ideas could i use to make it happen?

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Red, black and silver baby shower theme or ideas

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Feb 11, 2009

This is a really unique idea

by: Sonya

You can do a lot with these 3 colors, but the first thing that comes to my mind is to use black and silver as your two main colors, and accent the room with splashes of red.

For the all the tables, use a black tablecloth with silver tableware. If you have silver chair covers or bows, that would be a great addition.

Use red centerpieces. Use something bold for your head table, like a red floral diaper cake or a huge bouquet of red flowers. For your guests’ tables, something subtle like a single red flower in a vase would be cute. If you want to use something more related to baby showers for your centerpieces, try something like large red baby rattlers with a silver ribbon on the handle.

Another idea to use is the “Mod Mom” baby shower theme. This theme usually uses a pink and brown or black polka dot theme, but any colors will do. You can use red and black, or black and silver polka dot tablecloths and alternating color centerpieces. For instance, if you use red/black polka dots, accent your tables with silver stuff.

I personally like the first idea better. I think it would look great to have a contrast of mostly black with a splash of vibrant color throughout the room.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with these 3 colors. The red, black and silver idea is different and creative. Please be sure to visit again and let us know what decorating ideas you decided to go with.

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