Other Baby Shower Games

by Zee

(Pretoria )

I’m organizing a baby shower for a friend of mine.

To all the baby showers i went to the mommy to be has to guess what is inside the presents she receives. If she gets it wrong she has to do something like eat a chocolate bar out of a diaper.

I’m looking for some other ideas.

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Other Baby Shower Games

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Aug 31, 2008

You have tons of options…

by: Sonya

There are lots of other games you can play. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

1. Don’t Say Baby: For this game, give everyone a small diaper pin as they arrive to the shower. Once everyone is there, you will announce that the game is starting, and will go on until the end of the party (or whenever you want to end it). Whenever someone says the word “baby”, whoever heard them say it gets to take that person’s pin. The object of the game is to get as many diaper pins as you can.

2. Creative diaper game: This is a great one for a coed shower, but works just as well if there will be just women. Give some of the guests a doll or teddy bear, toilet paper, paper towels, glue, tape, etc. See who can make a creative diaper with the objects in 2 minutes. The rest of the guests can vote on the most creative one.

3. Who knows mommy best: Give everyone a sheet of paper and pencil. Before the shower, make up 10-20 questions about the mom to be, and see who gets the most correct. Remember to include questions about all areas of her life-childhood, high school years, work, family, etc.

These are my 3 favorite games, but there so many more to choose from. You can find more options by visiting the Games Page of this website.

Thanks so much for your question, and good luck with your planning!

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