No shower now sprinkle

by Elaina


My daughter did not have a shower with her first child. A friend of hers and me would love to give her a shower or sprinkle for Future Baby. (That’s what her name is right now -Future Baby.) She has everything she needs except she needs a new stroller. She specifically is looking at tandem strollers (so the toddler can sit or stand.) How do we ask for donations/money so that she can get the stroller she wants. She hasn’t decided and I think she would really love to pick it out herself. HELP?! 🙂

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No shower now sprinkle

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Feb 18, 2010

Ask for donations in lieu of gifts

by: Sonya

Say something like this on the baby registry section of the invitation:

“In lieu of gifts, we are asking that you please bring a donation to Future Baby’s Stroller Fund. He/she is already set with everything else!”

You could also use baby sprinkle invitation wording, to stress that you don’t need a lot of baby stuff, but just a stroller.

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