My baby shower is in a different state!!

by Roe

im 6 months pregnant and im moving to NC with live with my aunt. My mom and the rest of my family and friends live in nj, is there any possible way that they can still buy things for me from my registry but i can pick it up in nc?

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My baby shower is in a different state!!

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Apr 22, 2009

Good question

by: Sonya

Hi Roe,

This is a really interesting question, but unfortunately, I do not have a definitive answer for you. They only solution I can think of is to ask your guests to have the items shipped to your new home.

Or, ask all the guests to give all your gifts to your mom, and she can ship them to you in one large package. This may be cheaper than shipping everything individually.

I searched on common gift registry sites like target and wal mart, and I do not see any options that allow people to purchase a gift at one location, and have someone else pick it up at another location.

This is a great idea though. Stores should start offering us this option!

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