mother in law refuses to attend baby shower

by Trina Anderson

(Jacksonville, FL)

The host of my baby shower once made a derogatory remark about my mother in law and I mentioned it to her not long ago. (before the shower was planned) Now my mother in law refuses to attend the shower for her third grandchild. Is there anything I can do?

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mother in law refuses to attend baby shower

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Apr 01, 2012

The why may be more important than the won’t

by: Anonymous

I am perhaps in similar situation as to the mother-in-law. My first grandchild and they live out of state. My daughter-in-law worships her mother and seems to dislike everyone else and has been rude to me since before the marriage. I get the same attitude from the daughter-in-law’s sister, who is throwing the shower. I feel it best to just stay away as I have been made to feel like an outsider by the daughter-in-laws family. Perhaps you should try to figure out why this woman doesn’t want to come. It is possible she is truly not interested, does not like the social occasion, or feels hurt or left out. I would think that the most important thing is the life long relationship you are developing with her and between her and your children is more important than this one event and recognize her refusal to attend as a warning sign that efforts need to be made to repair that relationship.

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