Mommys Work is Never Done

by Carrie

(Greenville, NY, Greene)

The main focus of this baby shower theme is on the things parents have to do to take care of their newborn. For Laundry: hang a clothesline made of string across a wall and, using clothespins, attach some cute baby clothes.

For feeding: set up their gift high chair and put jars of baby food, bibs, bottles, etc in a basket sitting on the seat of the chair.

For diaper duty, ask people to bring supplies for diaper changing and make a basket up to put on the changing table. Everything can be decked out in whatever color scheme you want but should have balloons, ribbons, bows, etc to make it pretty.

A fun but gross game is to melt chocolate candy bars into diapers and have guests try to guess the kind of candy bar. Also, ask the moms at your party to write down little bits of advice that someone can read out to the party. The best tip wins a prize.

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