Low key Baby Shower and Games

My friend wants a “low key” (her words) baby shower. But we’ve invited a number of people from different groups (friends, work colleagues and family) who don’t know each other, so I need some mixer games to try to get people chatting and to break the ice.

Can anyone suggest some? I don’t want anything too complicated or requiring too much activity since she wants it low key…

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Low key Baby Shower and Games

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Jun 17, 2008

Who knows mommy best game

by: Sonya


I think you should start off with a game called “Who knows mommy best”. Before the shower, write down about 20 questions about the mom-to-be. Try to think of questions that no one person will know all the answers to. For instance, her mom or siblings will know stuff about her childhood, but they may not know too much about her job. This will make the game fair for everyone involved.

As you read the questions, the guests will write down their answers. The person with the most correct answers wins.

As a spin off, let the game prize be a diaper pin, which will lead into the next game “don’t say baby!”. In this game, every guest gets a diaper pin to attach to their clothes. The winner of the “who knows mommy best” game will have two pins at this point (she got an extra pin for winning the first game). Whenever someone catches someone else say the word “baby”, the person who caught them gets to take their pin. When you decide the game is over, whoever has the most pins wins the game. Let this game run for a good while.

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