Is it ok to ask the guests to pay for their meals?

We are hosting a baby sprinkle at a restaurant. We have found a restaurant that has an inexpensive dinner choice on the specific night. We don’t have enough money, as hosts, to pay for everyone and are planning on asking the guests to pay for their meal. Is this ok?

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Is it ok to ask the guests to pay for their meals?

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Apr 25, 2011

No, Super Tacky

by: Ericka

You should not expect guest to pay for meals at baby shower. If you cannot pay for a formal meal just do appetizers or finger foods. Never ask guest to pay, NEVER!

Jan 02, 2011

Let your guests know in advance!

by: Anonymous

If you expect guests to pay for their own meal, don’t send a formal invitation. Call the participants and tell them that you are organizing (you’re not the host if you’re not paying for it) a luncheon for *mom to be* and you’d like them to come. At that time, tell them that the group will be splitting the check and covering *mom to be’s* meal. Don’t let anyone be surprised at the restaurant. It’s not assumed that guests pay their own way when they’re invited to an event at a restaurant. Many functions are hosted at a restaurant or other venue, so make sure all your guests are prepared.

Jan 27, 2010


by: Sonya

Rule of thumb is that guests pay for their own meal when the shower is being held at a restaurant, and the hostess(es) provide appetizers and/or drinks.

One of the main reasons people choose to have a shower at a restaurant is to offset the cost of food, and your guests should be okay with that.

Just make sure you note in the invitation exactly what the guests will have to pay for, and what you will be providing for them.

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