How can I reveal the sex of the baby at the shower?

by Mazzy

I’m hosting a baby shower and the mom, dad and myself are the only people whom know the sex of the baby. We want to think of a creative way to decorate and then reveal the sex of the soon to be newborn. I would love any ideas you might have. The grandparents don’t even know!

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How can I reveal the sex of the baby at the shower?

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May 25, 2012

Love the cake idea

by: Anonymous

I love, love, love the cake idea! that’s very creative.

Jan 31, 2012


by: Anonymous

I know this is an older question, but it might help someone who is currently reading this. I think a cake is a great idea! Have a baker (or a friend) make either a pink velvet or blue velvet cake, depending on the sex. Ice it in white, and then cut the cake at the shower!

We had the ultra-sound tech put the sex of they baby in an envelope & we handed that to a baker. When we sliced our white cake, we found out the sex. It’s a lot of fun!

Oct 07, 2008

Use the party favors

by: Sonya


I would use a neutral color that is suitable for a boy or girl for the decorations like, yellow, purple, mint green, etc. Definitely stay away from pink and blue because that would give away the answer too fast.

When you give out your party favors towards the end of the party, that’s when you can use pink or blue, which will tell the guests the sex of the baby. For example, Let’s say you decide on yellow and brown color scheme for your party (this is a great color scheme for either sex). Obviously, all your decorations will consist of those two colors. But, your party favors could be something like a brown mesh bag with a yellow ribbon, filled with pink candies for a girl or blue candies for a boy. And you can even get personalized M&M candies and have the inscription “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” written on the candies.

I think this is a great idea to surprise your guests with the baby’s sex. Once you make your decision on how you are going to do it, I hope you come back and share!

Thanks for submitting your question.

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