Hostess unable to attend shower due to disrespectful expecting mother

by Karen Gagnon

(Merrimack, NH)

What do you do when a hostess sets up a baby shower with approximately 12 confirming attending guests at a restaurant and then the mother of the child to be begins to spend considerable time complaining to the grandmother to be (also a guest) before the special day worried that the hostess (her sister) will discuss her “home fire” in the presence of her guests on her “special day” and that she would ruin her “special day.”

There is no history of this hostess ever not being respectful and courteous during any event…but rather generous and thoughtful and loving.

The hostess still paid for the shower, shower gifts, and parting thank you gifts to the guests…but decided not to attend the baby shower due to the embarassment, humiliation and hurt of an accusation that has never happened.

Was this an appropriate choice of the hostess not to attend?

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