Guess the baby item game

by Jharan

(Naugatuck, CT, US)

Title: Do You Know What It Is

Game Idea :

(Materials: 10-15 baby items, 10-15 small paper bags, writing utensil, paper for each baby shower guest). Sort the baby items (q-tips, nail clippers, pacifier, safety pins, baby bottle etc.) into the paper bags (one item per bag) and number the bags 1-10 or 15. Give each guest a pad and pen and have them number 1-10 or 15 depending on how many bags you prepared and then hand out the bags randomly to the guests. Each guest or team at the baby shower will try to figure out what is in each bag based on what they can feel and/or hear (the bags can not be opened). The bags are passed around until everyone has had a chance to touch and write down their answers. The mother-to-be then opens each bag and shows it to the guests. The guest who gets the most correct gets a prize, if there’s a tie they have to answer a question about the mother-to-be. For an added bonus, make a really hard item (shoulder pads, baby nail clippers) a bonus at the end; for the one who guessed it correctly gets a bonus prize (if there’s a tie, have them answer a question about the mother-to-be).

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