by Barb

My husband and I are pretty friendly with our daughter-in-law’s parents, and even socialize together from time to time. When I recently spoke to her mother, she said she was planning on having a baby shower for her daughter, but wasn’t sure where to have it — around her area or mine. (We live a few hours apart).

If I search for a restaurant in my area, does this mean that I also must do the arrangements as well? I also told her that my husband and I could help with the bill, but she said that wasn’t necessary. I may have put my foot in my mouth, because we really can’t afford to do so, as our own daughter just got engaged last week!

My daughter said it’s not our responsibility, as SHE is the mother of the mother-to-be.

I felt I had to make the offer, but I’m really not sure who is responsible to do the planning and paying. Please help!

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