Extra Expenses and a big surprise

I am already a mother of a six year old girl, but i’m expecting twin girls. I’ve considered a baby shower for them one month before their expected birth. I’ve already went ahead and purchased PERSONALIZED items of online because i’ve already chosen names and i’ve chosen a date and ordered invites. But my best friend has a six year old girl too, and when our kids were over for a sleepover at their house I guess my daughter was being nosy and found out that they were throwing a surprise baby shower for me on the exact same date and times as my planned one. She came home and told me: “Momma, are you excited about the surprise baby shower she’s throwing for you?” She even snuck home an invitation and it filled me in on details! I dont mind her throwing me a party but…I already got AND personalized my decor and invites. And they cant be returned. I would’ve given her the decor to set up for me but then she’ll wonder how I know she’s planning a party for me! I wouldn’t have minded throwing away the decor…but it’s just so cute and I spent $273 on everything! The big day is comin up soon! What to do? What to do? 🙁

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