Creative baby shower ideas

by Kitty


Whoever is in charge of writing down gifts and who they are from, should also take photos of the mother-to-be unwrapping the gifts. Ask the person who gave the gift to pose for a photo with the mother-to-be and the unwrapped gift. This way, it is easy to look at the photos later and use them as a guide for writing thank you notes. Also, you will have a photo of everyone who attended the shower with the mother-to-be.

Favors: Make baby-themed sugar cookies and wrap them in a cellophane bag or place them in small cardboard boxes to give as party favors. I found a set of baby shower cookie cutters that included a bottle, a stroller, and a pacifier. I made the cookies and decorated them with colored icing and put three cookies in a bag for each guest. I found some pretty pastel-colored ribbon to tie the bags.

Co-ed baby showers. I like the idea of a co-ed baby shower. After all, today’s fathers are very involved. Try to pick a Saturday or Sunday when there is a big sporting event on TV and choose a location that offers a nice, big flat screen TV. The guys can drink beer and watch the game/event while the girls mingle and unwrap gifts.

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Creative baby shower ideas

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May 19, 2008

Very creative ideas

by: Sonya

These are truly some great ideas. The pregnant mom can have a lot of pictures with her gifts and guests to use a keepsakes. She can also frame the gift list or put it in a cute mesh bag to preserve it.

I’m always a big fan of favors that guests can use, especiall the ones they can eat! The cookie idea is fun to create, very inexpensive, and the guests will love it.

Planning a coed shower can be difficult because the guys may not want to get involved. So having the party during a big sports event is a good idea.

Thanks for submitting these great ideas.

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