Baby Shower Problem

by Kim


My mother-in-law is throwing my baby shower. She told me to invite whoever I wanted so I invited a lot of people from out of town. She is now telling me that it will, most likely, be thrown at a restaurant; which would be fine, except she expects everyone to pay for their own food as well. That just doesn’t seem fair. Some people are driving 6 hours to come to my baby shower, and making them pay for gas, their own food, and a present seems very rude to me. My husband thinks I’m ungrateful of what his mother is trying to do; am I over reacting?

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Baby Shower Problem

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Dec 01, 2009

No, you are not overreacting

by: Sonya

I agree with you completely. Your mother-in-law should have told you that the shower is going to be at a restaurant, and that the guests will have to pay for themselves. But, since you did not find out until after you invited out of town guests, your mother-in-law should extend the courtesy of paying for the out of town people. You are right; it is not fair to ask someone to travel hours away from home for a few hour long celebration, and to pay for their own food. If your mother-in-law refuses to pay, I would suggest you pay for them yourself (even though you should not have to do that since it is your shower), instead of asking them to pay. Some/all of them may just tell you that they will go ahead and pay, just to be nice, but try to find a way to cover their expenses.

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