Baby shower menus

Ideas for baby shower menus:

Try to come up with food that goes with the theme. A lot of people use the safari baby shower for the spring and summer. For this theme, you can make menu cards for the guests, but give your foods names that are safari/jungle related.

-Spinach artichoke dip can be called seaweed dip
-Serve fresh veggies on a bed of lettuce and call it lillypad vegetables.
-Serve “monkey bread”. It’s basically pull-apart mini-cinnamon buns. You can find a recipe for it online.

Another popular theme in the spring and summer is the sports theme. You can tie your baby shower menus into this theme too.
-Serve cheese balls and call them Slam Dunk cheese balls.
-Football sandwiches – just make regular mini sandwiches, and cut your bread into the shape of footballs.
-Sports shaped soft pretzels. No matter where you live, you can find a pretzel factory that can bake soft pretzels in the shape of baseballs, footballs, baseball bats, and other shapes.

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