Baby shower gifts for twins

by Laurie

I’m attending a baby shower for my coworker, who’s having twins. I’d rather not get matching outfits, as I’m sure that novelty would wear off soon. What are some good and useful gifts that would be appropriate for twins?

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Baby shower gifts for twins

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Feb 03, 2010

Gifts for Twins

by: Anonymous

I agree that signing up for help is a wonderful gift, however, if you are not that close to the person who’s having the babies, here are some ideas I found asGifts for Twin babies

And of course diapers, diapers, diapers.

Jun 17, 2008

Gifts for twins

by: Anonymous

Hi Laurie,

Here are my top 3 gift ideas for twins:

-Offers of a helping hand: I’m serious about this one. Having just one child can keep a mom extremely busy. So if she’s having twins, she’ll have hardly any time to rest. I think giving a simple greeting card with a note offering your help is a great gesture. You can make this gift a little elaborate by making “babysitter cards”. They are basically a small stack of cards, similar to business cards, that she can redeem any time she needs time to herself.

-Lots and lots of diapers! This ideas is pretty much self explanatory. We all know how babies run through diapers.

-Double stroller. This is one of the more expensive gifts. But it will be much appreciated when the parents need to go out, or just want to go for a walk.

The key to selecting baby shower gifts for twins is to think of things that will allow the mom to have more time on her hands, or things that she will have to double up on since she has two babies instead of just one.

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