Baby shower games for men

Here is a list of fun baby shower games for men:

1. Creative diaper game: give all the guys a bowl with some paper towels, toilet tissue, scotch tape, safety pins, stickers, and a baby doll. See which guy can make the best and most creative diaper out of anything in the bowl. To make it more interesting, give them a time limit, like 2 minutes.

2. Baby bottle drinking game: See which guy can empty a baby bottle the fastest. They have to drink from the nipple, just as a baby would.

3. Distractions: give each female guest a card with “distractions” written on it. For example, “Phone is ringing”, “dinner is burning”, “diaper needs to be changed”, etc. The guys will take turns working through the distractions, as each guest takes turns calling them out.

4. Baby shower betting: Let the guys bet on stuff about the baby – will it be a boy or girl? How many pounds and ounces? What day will the baby come? See if they will be willing to agree to treat the winner to drinks one night.

5. Card games: Let the guys play traditional card games, but they can use diapers or other baby products instead of chips.

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