Baby shower game ideas

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What are some games to play at a baby shower?

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Baby shower game ideas

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Feb 25, 2009

My 3 favorite…

by: Sonya

There are literally tons of games you can play at a baby shower. Here are my top 3:

1. “In My Lifetime, I…” – for this game, you would give everyone a sheet with 10 – 20 statements such as, “I visited a foreign country”, “I retired from a job”, “I was mother of the bride”, etc. The guests have to mingle with each other to find out who did the things listed on the sheet. The first person to fill their sheet wins the game. I like this baby shower game because it’s a great ice breaker, and a good way for your guests to get to know each other.

2. “Unwrap the gift” – Take a baby shower party favor and wrap it up several times. Then have your guests sit in a circle. Randomly give the wrapped gift to one of the guests and they will remove one layer of the wrapping, and pass it to the next person. Each person will remove a layer when they get the gift. The person to remove the last layer and reveal the gift gets to keep it. You can also give everyone a number, and have them pass the gift to the next number, rather than passing it around.

3. “How big is mommy’s stomach” – This is one of the traditional baby shower games that people have used for years, and it never grows old. Pass around a roll of toilet paper, and have each guest tear off how much they think will fit around the mom’s stomach. Whoever comes closest to the correct size wins.

You can check the games page on this site for more baby shower games, and ideas for game prizes.

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