Baby shower game ideas

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I went to my niece’s baby shower recently and we had such a good time. The women that gave her the shower had made her a crown taking a regular cardboard crown that you can buy at party supply shops and they had glued disposable diapers onto it.

We also played bingo using names of baby items such as cribs, rattles, and etc. The hostesses had everyone put their name and addresses on the envelopes for thank you cards so that my niece would not have to address them later. I also wrote what I gave her on the inside of the envelope flap. I thought both were great time savers for thank you cards.

Another game that is great fun is to have everyone wear a safety pin and if you hear anyone say the name baby you get their safety pin. The person with the most safety pins at the end wins a prize. The prize is usually something you can then hand to the person having the baby. It is all great fun.

I think it would also be fun to have a game of baby names and see how many different baby names people come up with. Maybe use a them such as boys names that begin with W. Give a prize for the longest list or the most original name.

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Baby shower game ideas

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May 19, 2008

Diaper crown

by: Sonya

The diaper crown is a really cute idea. I wonder how anyone came up with that?

The baby name game is a good one too. It’s an easy one that guests of all ages can play.

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