Baby shower for pregnant best friends

by Monique

(Raleigh, NC)

I am 4 months pregnant and my best friend just found out she was pregnant a month ago. My friend already has 2 children and this is my first child. Should I be expected to give her some type of baby sprinkle for the third child?

Second question, should she be expected to help or give me a baby shower with us now both being pregnant? I’m confused.

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Baby shower for pregnant best friends

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Oct 01, 2008

Both of you need to relax since you’re pregnant

by: Sonya


Usually, the best friend of the pregnant woman is responsible for throwing the baby shower. But, in your case, both of are pregnant, so I think it would be too much stress on you to worry about throwing a baby shower. Not to say it’s impossible, but you guys really should be taking it easy.

My suggestion, ask another close friend or family memeber to throw baby showers for the 2 of you. If you guys have other mutual friends, maybe they won’t mind taking on the task of hosting both of your parties?

If you really want to, you certainly can host each other’s party. Especially in your case because your friend is getting a baby sprinkle, and there’s less planning for a sprinkle party rather than a baby shower. If this is what you decide to do, just remember to take it easy! Your pregnancies are most important. There’s no need to add unnecessary stress to yourselves.

I hope this helps! And congratulations to both of you!

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