Baby shower cakes and games

by Anonymous


I have found the petit fors are the best ever as far as cake goes for a baby shower. Don’t need a server for the cake or anything and they are adorable. They can frost them with little baby booties or other things.

The best game ever to play is for someone to count how many times the group says the word “baby” and the winner wins a prize. The invitees do not know what is going on, so the counter is secretive.

Another game would be everytime the an invitee or even the Mom-to-be says baby she has a clothes pin attached to her by the hostess. At the end of the shower she is covered with clothes pins. Don’t tell her why you are attaching the clothes pins, however she will eventually figure it out. Then take a picture for her babies baby book of this shower.

It is quite a twist to all of the other games. More fun and all you need are alot of the wooden clothes pins.

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Baby shower cakes and games

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May 22, 2008

A great twist on traditions

by: Sonya

I love your idea of serving petit fours instead of a cake. That will take some work off the hostess, as she will not have to cut and serve the cake. It’s also easier to give guests some dessert to take home.

As for your game ideas, these are great twists on two of the most well known baby shower games. I never thought of awarding the person who says “baby” the most instead of awarding the person who says it the least.

And having the guest of honor covered in diaper pins would make for a great picture!

These are wonderful and creative ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

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