Baby Shower at a Tattoo Shop?

by Leta


I’m the mother-to-be and am apprenticing at a local tattoo shop. My husband and I moved to this town 1.5 yrs ago and didn’t know anyone until I started apprenticing.
Since then we’ve met some of the nicest, genuine people of our lives. When two of my friends offered to throw me a baby shower and suggested we have it at the tattoo shop (on a Sat. morning long before it opens) I thought it was a no-brainer. The shop itself is 2000 sqft, open, brightly lit, large windows, plenty of parking, extremely clean, free to use, and has no offensive material on the walls.
I thought this was a perfect location.
The owner of the shop even created the invitation (a pretty sparrow carrying a ribbon that says, “It’s a boy!”)
My mom isn’t thrilled about my new career path but has been morally supportive throughout. Saying how pleased she is that I’m truely happy and fulfilled at work. She likes the location idea.
Here’s the conflict. My mother-in-law called my husband and complained about the location. Saying, “certain family members will have an issue with the location.” She guessed that the great-grandmothers-to-be would be highly opposed to stepping even one foot into such an establishment. She suggested we have the shower at the club house of his little brother’s apartment complex (a place I’ve never been). My husband and I feel offended that she would suggest the location isn’t good enough and ask us to change it. I thought a shower was supposed to be light hearted and fun. Games are played, food and drink are shared, relationships are strengthened.

Should I ask my girlfriends to change the location?

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Baby Shower at a Tattoo Shop?

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Jul 29, 2009

I wold not change the location

by: Sonya

I would keep the location as-is. I can, however, understand your mother-in-law’s point. First of all, a tattoo shop is not a “traditional” venue for a baby shower. And, for some, the thought of tattoos in general is juvenile disgusting. But, I think as long as there are no explicit or disrespectful images anywhere in sight, the venue should be fine. Bottom line is, this is your celebration, and it should be the way you want it. Now, things would be different if you were having your party at an adult place like a gentlemen’s club or something like that.

I would suggest that you tell your mother-in-law that if there are some people who would feel offended about going to a tattoo parlor, they can always choose not to attend. But, explain to her that even though the party will be at a tattoo shop, there won’t be anything offensive there. Has your mother-in-law ever been to the tattoo shop? If not, take her there and let her give you and your girlfriend some suggestions for making the place more baby shower friendly. But remember, she is neither the host nor the guest of honor. I think it would be good for her to give her input (this would probably make her feel more at ease about the location), but do not let her change every little thing that you want.

You could also just ask the great-grandmothers yourself about their thoughts on the location. Maybe they will not be as offended by it as the mother-in-law thinks.

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