Baby might not survive birth

by Monica


I have already sent out 80 invitations to a posh restaurant for a fancy baby shower, and I have just found out that the baby will most likely not survive. How do I go about canceling it? I want to send something out to postpone it and put a positive spin on it. Then have a welcome baby celebration after the baby is born.

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Baby might not survive birth

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Mar 08, 2010

My answer,

by: Sonya

If I understand your question correctly, the parents do not want anyone else to know of their situation until after they know for sure if the baby will survive or not. If this is the case, I would just let everyone know that they parents have decided to do something like a “welcome baby” celebration instead of a baby shower. The only difference is that the baby is present at the party.

Most people have what is called a “sip & see” baby shower.

Now even after you inform everyone that the plans for the shower have changed, you will have to decide what to do if the baby does not survive. I would simply inform everyone with a letter in the mail. And in this situation, everyone will be understanding of this.

I must say it sounds like you all are trying to stay positive about this situation, and that’s a great thing. I hope it all works out.

Best wishes,


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