2nd baby, unsure big sister

by Marie


I am throwing a shower for my sister’s 2nd baby girl, her first is 8 years old and she never had a shower when she was pregnant with my niece. Looking for good ideas on how to throw a shower that honors my niece as well as my sister and the new baby. Big sister is very apprehensive of having a little sibling, wondering about attention and being special. Also any good invitation wording to help with this, ideally it’d be nice if the guests brought a small gift for big sister but I don’t think it’s all that appropriate to ask for that. Thinking of going with a sweet pea theme, and varying it to include peas in a pod, princess and the pea, etc. Started with the following for invitation wording:

For eight joyous years Jane has a sweet pea,
a beautiful little girl named Ashley.
To her pod she adds one more,
her family of three will soon become four.

Because there was no first shower, and the space in age between the girls, my sister needs all the big items again but has plenty of clothes. Trying to find a tactful way to convey all this info without telling her life story in an invite!

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2nd baby, unsure big sister

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Dec 29, 2009

I love your idea!

by: Sonya

Marie, first let me just tell you how much I love the idea of having a joint Big Sister/Baby Shower celebration. This is such a nice way to keep the first child from feeling left out. What a wonderful idea!

Unfortunately, I am really stumped on wording ideas for this. I will say that what you came up with for wording so far does sound more like a traditional baby shower, because it focuses a lot on the mom. Even though the mom is also a big part of the celebration, you should find a way to stress the importance of the big sister too.

If you cannot think of any cute wording ideas to complete the invitation, you can go with something like this – it doesn’t rhyme, but it gets the point across:

Join us for a Big Sister/Baby Shower Celebration!

Jane’s having another baby, which means…

Ashley is going to be a big sister!!

Come celebrate Jane’s 2 little loved ones with us!

Here, mention time, date, place, RSVP, etc.

Jane has a baby registry at _______.

We will also be doing a surprise tribute to Ashley at the celebration.

We hope to see you there!

Since the girls are 8 years apart, I don’t think its necessary to mention to your guests that Jane needs new baby stuff. Just make sure she puts the stuff she needs on the registry, and that should be enough.

As for the surprise tribute to the big sister, instead of asking your guests to bring a little gift for her too (I agree with you that it would be a bit much), present her with a joint gift from all the guests (but only you will pay for it). Somethink small like a little plaque that says “to the world’s best big sister”, and ask all the guest to write her a little congrats note on a card or something.

I hope these ideas will help. Again, I think you have a wonderful idea here. Thanks for sharing.

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